Time:April 9, 2018
Location:Kobe University Takigawa Memorial Hall 2F Large Meeting Hall
Local Organizing Chair:
Naohisa Sakamoto, Kobe University
Xiaoru Yuan, Peking University
Jiawan Zhang, Tianjin University
Issei Fujishiro, Keio University
Takayuki Itoh, Ochanomizu University
Koji Koyamada, Kyoto University
China Society of Image and Graphics - Visualization and Visual Analytics Technical Committee
The Society of Art and Science.
The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan (IIEEJ).
Visualization Society of Japan (VSJ).

cjvis2018 (at) itolab.is.ocha.ac.jp



On-line registration from this Registration Form is strongly appreciated. On-site registration is also available. However, lunch will be served only to participants registered on-line with this registration form until March 31. Reception will be prepared based on the number of registered participants.

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Invited Talk (1): Prof. Xiaoru Yuan


Invited Talk (2): Prof. Jiawan Zhang


Invited Talk (3): Prof. Wei Chen




Lighting Talks


Panel Discussions

Arranged by Xiaoru Yuan, Jiawan Zhang, and Wei Chen




Invited Speakers

Xiaoru Yuan

Professor, Peking University

Scalable Visualizaion in Flow VIS

Distributed and parallel particle tracing, which computes the movements of many massless particles is critical for understanding complex flow field. High efficiency in data access is critical for such visualization tasks. In this talk, we will go through a few algorithms and techniques have been developed to improve the flow field visualization computation, including spare data management, data compression, dynamic load balance.

Xiaoru Yuan is a tenured faculty member in the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science. He serviced as the vice director of Information Science Center, at Peking University. He received the Ph.D. degree in computer science in 2006, from the University of Minnesota at Twin Cities. His primary research interests are in the field of visualization and visual analytics, with focus on large flow field visualization, high dimensional data and spatial-temporal data visualization, and quick prototyping of visualization. His co-authored work on high dynamic range volume visualization received Best Application Paper Award at the IEEE Visualization 2005 conference. He and his student team won awards over 7 times in IEEE VAST Challenges. He served on the program committees of IEEE VIS, EuroVis, and IEEE PacificVis. He was organization co-chair of IEEE PacificVis 2009, and poster chair of IEEE VIS 2015/2016 and paper chair of IEEE VIS 2017and PacificVis 2015. For more information, see http://vis.pku.edu.cn/wiki

Jiawan Zhang

Professor, Tianjin University

Visual Computing for Cultural Heritage Applications

Nowadays visual computing, including visualization, computer graphics, and computer vision, plays an important role in many application domains. In this talk, I will show how we apply visual computing techniques in the cultural heritage applications in China, especially in the conservation of large world cultural heritage sites and the visualization of cultural relics in smart museums. I will explain, by using our research examples and case studies, the requirement of cultural heritage domains and the rationale of how to apply state-of-the-art visual computing techniques to meet these requirements.

Jiawan Zhang is a professor, and Vice Dean of Computer Software School, Tianjin University, P.R.China. He is the Director of Visual Computing and High Performance Computing Lab (http://vis.tju.edu.cn), Tianjin University. He is also the Executive Director of Data Science Institute. Prof. Zhang published more than 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals including ACM TOG, IEEE TVCG, IEEE TMM, and top conferences including ACM Siggraph, Siggraph Asia, IEEE Vis, CVPR, IJCAI. His current research interests include visualization, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. For more information, please refer to http://scs.tju.edu.cn/~jwzhang/.

Wei Chen

Professor, Zhejiang University

Visual Analysis and AI 2.0

In this talk, I will briefly introduce the role of visual analysis in China AI 2.0, a new strategy recently released by China Academy of Engineering. I will explain how visual analysis may benefit AI in an interactive way, and the way it may influence the future of AI. Many examples from my team will be demonstrated.

Wei Chen is a professor in State Key Lab of CAD&CG at Zhejiang University, P.R.China. He has performed research in visualization and visual analysis and published more than 30 IEEE/ACM Transactions and IEEE VIS papers. His current research interests include visualization, visual analytics and bio-medical image computing. For more information, please refer to http://www.cad.zju.edu.cn/home/chenwei .


Takigawa Memorial Hall 2F Large Meeting Hall, Rokkodai 2nd Campus, Kobe University

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