An Interactive System for Light-Art-Like Representation of Human Silhouettes

Light art represents various objects by a light stroke drawn in the air. It takes about 10 to 30 seconds to create a light art picture, binding these pictures we could create a light art movie. It is a time-consuming task because we need large number of frames to create a movie. We present a interactive system. This system extracts edges of human body by using depth information and then displays them as light art in real time. We chose to use depth information to extract edges, because when the body parts overlaps it is unable to extract those parts. As an on-going work, we are improving the reality of light art generated by this system. We are now implementing continuous line generation and hand-drawing-mimicking deformation algorithms, from light art features. Also, we can anonymously represent shapes and behavior of a human so it is possible to apply in various ways, such as anonymous video contribution and video chatting anonymously, and no room details.